Seeing Color

Before I created this wordpress, I had a tumblr. It’s nice to look back on posts from 6+ years ago. I often think about this post that I created in Hong Kong about seeing color and wanted to repost. So one night after dinner, Aunt G and I decided to walk along the waterfront. I […]

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I recently stumbled upon a post that I wasn’t ready to publish at the time. On January 8, 2015, my grandma passed away. After the funeral ritual, I used this as an outlet for my emotions. This was heartbreaking to write and as a result, is incomplete. I’m sharing this instance of vulnerability in hopes […]


Another Step Toward Adulthood

A few months ago, I wrote about my 20s dilemma and fears of entering the real world, but also about my updated approach to life. It took a bit of time and paranoia, but after numerous attempts at attaining relevant jobs, I was finally hired as a full-time intern for Disney Interactive to do work that is absolutely […]

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Handmade Holiday Cards

Yesterday, I posted a gift guide for holidays (or anytime) and thought I’d also share the cards that I made for close friends and family. This festive season, I decided to partake in the old tradition of sending out greetings via snail mail. These days, it’s so special to receive a hand-written note in the mail; it’s really […]

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