Another Step Toward Adulthood

A few months ago, I wrote about my 20s dilemma and fears of entering the real world, but also about my updated approach to life. It took a bit of time and paranoia, but after numerous attempts at attaining relevant jobs, I was finally hired as a full-time intern for Disney Interactive to do work that is absolutely […]

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Hong Kong Haul

Last month, I made a quick visit to Hong Kong for family affairs. Although I was busy most of the time, I made sure to pick up some things along the way. Beauty items, stationary, and clothing (and snacks) are my favorite things to buy in Hong Kong and its plethora of affordable shops makes it […]

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Best of 2014: Beauty & Skincare

It happened just like I thought it would. I blinked and then the world fast-forwarded to 2015. This happens every year and you’d think that I would be used to it by now. However, I’m not alone; it seems that everyone I know consistently gets surprised each time life rings in a new year. Ack. […]

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Handmade Holiday Cards

Yesterday, I posted a gift guide for holidays (or anytime) and thought I’d also share the cards that I made for close friends and family. This festive season, I decided to partake in the old tradition of sending out greetings via snail mail. These days, it’s so special to receive a hand-written note in the mail; it’s really […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

In New York City, golden lights are strung all around and shop windows are adorned with ornaments and fanciful displays. And along with the hot peppermint beverages, tinsel-wrapped tunes, and funny sweaters, the day of gift-giving is creeping up close. While I’m almost done with my shopping, there are still a few people I haven’t sorted out yet. […]

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